The firm’s principal, David S. Leigh, brings over a decade of legal experience to each matter he handles for his clients. Mr. Leigh began his career as prosecutor and has also worked at several respected law firms in Denver and in New York City. Raised in the Mountain West, Mr. Leigh’s personable demeanor, keen intellect, and strong work ethic allows him to stand out among the city’s litigators.

Mr. Leigh handles a variety of matters, including:


Drug Crimes:  Possession, Sales, Distribution, Heroin Arrest, Marijuana Arrest, Opioids

Violent Crimes:  Domestic Violence, Illegal Possession of a Weapon, Assault, Homicide

Sex Crimes:  Rape, Kidnapping, Sex with Minor, Sexual Assault, Child Pornography

Property Crimes:  Theft, Armed Robbery, Home Invasion


Police Misconduct, False Imprisonment, Police Shooting, Racial Profiling, Police Brutality

Excessive Force, Sexual Abuse by Prison / Jail Staff, Cruel and Unusual Punishment